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SWFL Automotive Detailing Services | PRIMO Detailing Studio in Bonita Springs, FL
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What Are The Benefits of Ceramic Coating?

    A ceramic coating will permanently protect your vehicle’s exterior and interior from deteriorating. The resale market value of your car will be higher as not only will the coating have tangible benefits for the new owner but the Ceramic Pro warranty is transferable.
    Once the ceramic coating is applied to your vehicle’s paint, you will see ultimate gloss and color depth, incomparable to anything else. When properly maintained, your automobile’s finish will shine for many years to come.
    The ceramic coated surface stops dirt, brake dust and tar from sticking to your exterior, making washes less labor intensive and needed less frequently. The coating is resistant to chemicals and contaminants can be removed with less damaging wash methods.

What is an IR Paint Curing Lamp?

IR Paint Curing Lamps are infrared waves in the form of light or energy waves that is unseen by the naked eye, but can also the heat emit from the light. This kind of light is very well-suited for drying and curing paint either after paint work or an application of a ceramic coating.

What Are The Benefits of IR Paint Curing Lamps?

  • TIME
    The curing process is 50-90% faster
    IR waves penetrate the finish surface and dry from the inside out at a higher temperature, leading to better adhesion and higher gloss. By eliminating the need for air flow, the risks of ruining the finish with airborne particles is significantly reduced.

Why does Florida Have Hard Water?

Florida is also known as a karstic state, which means Florida contains large amounts of limestone. As the rain falls into the ground in Florida, it dissolves the limestone while filtering down. The dissolved limestone (calcium and magnesium) makes the water hard. This type of water can do a lot of damage and compromise the integrity of your clear coat. You can notice if you have hard water stains when the water dries and leaves a residue behind.

What are the Benefits of Using Soft Water?

Soft water requires less soap and cleaners to be used since the water is not tying up the surfactants. For every grain of hardness in your water, you will need 4% more detergent to overcome the hardness. Utilizing soft water in your rinse passes is also beneficial. Rinses with hard water causes a percentage of the soap to become stuck to the surface of your car, leaving the car feeling and looking as if it has a film on it.

What is Paint Correction?

    Applying a clay bar removes the surface contaminates that remain after a wash, which is not always visible to the eye, and creates a properly prepped, smooth as glass surface ready for polishing or other protective layers. A common misconception about using a clay bar is that it has an impact on removing swirls and scratches.
    Polishing is accomplished with a handheld machine with a motorized spinning head. Foam or fiber pads are attached to the spinning head of the machine and is used to spread the wax or sealant onto the exterior surface of your vehicle. Polishing applies a simple protective coating that fills in the scratches of your car’s paint, making them harder. However, car wax and sealant is purely cosmetic.
    Removing scratches requires the slow removal of microscopic layers of clear coat to level out the surface. Compounding (or leveling) agents are specially formulated liquids that act like extra fine grit sandpaper. The entire process is used to fine tune the newly leveled clear coat surface, revealing a beautiful, highly polished surface after a wax or sealant is applied to protect the painted surface from environmental hazards.

Why choose PRIMO Detailing Studio?

We encourage our clients to do their research on each company to confirm they’re fully certified, insured, and licensed. Make sure to ask any questions you have about the process and knowledge, view their portfolio, check out the chemicals and supplies they use. PRIMO Detailing Studio takes pride in each and every vehicle we service. Our process and procedures come from years of experience in the effort to maximize the longevity and quality of your clean car.

Can A Clay Bar Remove Swirls or Scratches?

A common misconception about clay bars is that it helps remove swirls and scratches. Using a clay bar will remove embedded surface contamination that still remains after a maintenance wash, but sometimes the contamination removed is not always visible to the naked eye on the paint. Any contaminants left can be picked up by the buffing agents and act like sandpaper.

What is Compounding?

Compounding agents (or leveling agents) are specially formulated liquids, when added to the rotating pad of a buffing or polishing machine, act as an extremely fine grit sandpaper used to fine tune the newly leveled surface, revealing a beautiful, highly polished surface. Each procedure involved in the compounding process requires special tools and many years of experience to perfect.