Mobile Washing Solutions

Our true “spot-free” rinse system with soft water measured by our TDS meter eliminates the need for drying and minimizes any dirt transfer caused by dirty towels, leaving your vehicle fleet or dealership lot in pristine condition.

This turn-key system allows you to hop in and you are ready to go!


SWFL Automotive Detailing Services | PRIMO Detailing Studio in Bonita Springs, FL
SWFL Automotive Detailing Services | PRIMO Detailing Studio in Bonita Springs, FL


Mobile Unit | Primo Detailing Studio

GREAT Benefits

    1. Decrease Labor by up to 50%.

    2. Decreases the use of chemicals by 40%.

    3. Increase Revenue
    4. Can wash an exterior of a car in 15 min.

    5. Decrease Chemical and Soap Usage
    6. Simply spray and go.

    7. Increase efficiency & productivity
    8. Can be outfitted in any type of enclosed structure.

    9. Eliminate dirt transfer and unnecessary scratching of clear coat

Mobile Spot-Free Rinse System

Primo will assist in outfitting any enclosed structure to increase revenue and lower costs.
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